Friday, March 29, 2013

The Rob Bell Bulge

Just for fun, I want to show you Rob Bell's bulging junk. Rob Bell is an avant garde-ish Christian author that's been creating some controversy over the existence of Hell (oh shit) in the Christian world with his book, "Love Wins." While he was answering a question about God and gays in the Viper Room, and affirming that gay people exist--he knows one, he sported his rather naughty package, unless, of course, that's an inflatable toy in his pants.

Crane Durham, AFA Radio Host, Is All Hot and Bothered During Anti-GayRadio Broadcast

This is extremely strange. His views are obviously strange, but his mannerisms...I don't even know how to interpret them. I'll just describe it. There's some weird gesticulation, funny head bobs, his hair flies around, his voice cracks, his inflection is wildly peculiar, and, well...I guess just watch the video below.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Gigantic Roman Torture Statues

While Driving to Memphis to visit my brother, I saw three well-illuminated giant white crosses next to the largest church in Tennessee. The blatant imposition of the crosses made me feel strange. They were entirely too large and the lighting caused them to glow. It wasn't the mere presence of the crosses that bothered me. I wasn't exactly sure why they bothered me so much, until I chose the caption for this image on Instagram: "GIGANTIC ROMAN TORTURE STATUES." Seriously, an instrument of torture is the symbol of the Christian church. The message is ridiculously clear. It only seems fitting to leave you with some lyrics from an old Contemporary Christian Music track: "The cross is a radical thing."

Men's Bible Study

Men's Bible Study--Get together with other men and cry about how horny you are. Also, talk about America and maybe the military too, but mostly how horny you are. End with prayer.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Before the Lights Go Out

In the house I grew up in, there was a ritual before the lights went out. "Sorry for the bad things I did to you today. Will you forgive me?" These words were repeated between my siblings and I, nearly every night, for years. My mother had told us that the Bible said that one shouldn't go to bed angry and that we shouldn't go to bed with sin not dealt with. "What would happen if Jesus came back tonight and you had sin in your life?" she would ask, before turning off the lights. "You won't be with Jesus. You'll be in Hell."


Communion, how it works. You get on your knees and receive the body of a man in your mouth. As seen on Catholic television.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Deliver Us from Evil

I watched a documentary that investigates an extensive sexual abuse legacy left by an Irish priest in California. Father O' Grady's rape and misuse of children, with occasional parental sex triangles, is explored with grueling intensity. Shockingly, the rapist in question, O' Grady, agrees to multiple interviews. The psychopathy displayed is more than disturbing. He is alien. So foreign to human capacities is the way he tells the strategies and stories of rapes, that one is lost inside of how his specie has not been obviously misclassified. Oh, and then there's footage of ecclesiastical depositions and you'll want to throw up. I definitely recommend this documentary. It will stir your empathy and encourage thought to the variety of traumas manufactured by the church. Watch "Deliver Us from Evil." (It's on Netflix)

Friday, March 15, 2013

"Atheism" Is a Misnomer

I'm unaware of flying dogs. To separate myself from people that believe in the existence of flying dogs, I don't describe myself as an anti-aerocanine. Rather, I review my experience with and knowledge of dogs and everything I've read about mammals, and I make a statement: "Flying dogs do not exist." If a friend were to say, "I believe in flying dogs" or "I believe that dogs have the physical capacity of flight," first, I would imagine that the friend is joking and if joking is eliminated as a motivation for the aerocaninite, I would make my exodus in the conversation.

Saying that a flying dog exists would require overwhelming evidence to support such a wild assertion. The aerocaninite would rightly bear the burden of proof if he/she were trying to prove the existence of flying dogs because there is factual evidence that denies his/her claim. The question "Why do you not believe in flying dogs?" to any rational person would be seen as completely absurd. The question "Why do you not believe in god/s?" is exponentially more absurd. Dogs can be studied. Dogs can't fly. Gods cannot be studied.

Also, the word Believe is a tricky word. Watch it closely.

Dealing with the habits

"Thank you God for warmth," I say to myself while walking into the kitchen with bags of wood in my hands intended for the fire place. Then I think to myself, "I'm addressing a non-existent being." To this, I reassure myself and address 'god' again: "You will exist as long as I need you to exist."

Going cold turkey with god isn't a viable option for me. I grew up in a Christian family, faithfully went to church until two years ago, lead group Bible studies, managed other Bible study leaders, and the list goes on. Religion was an essential part of my life. It was even going to be my vocation. I canceled going to seminary because of issues I had with the application of ministry. It never seemed to achieve the goals. It just stated the goals over and over again, maybe in hopes that the goals would become realized. I would make statements like, "Christianity is the greatest impetus by which to become fully human." Seriously, all of my cards were on the table.

How long will it take to wean myself off of the mystical? I haven't the slightest clue. I tend to think that pieces will remain with me until the day I die. A quarter of my life has been built in the artificial bubble of Christian equity. I'm hoping for a bust.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Displaying Some Impropriety

There is a well-bred internal god-centered consciousness that is clinging on for dear life. Up until recently, it provided the lens through which I saw reality. It was cultivated, loved, and encouraged. What changed? It's no longer welcome. What's the problem? It still remains, even after being asked to get the fuck out. The paradigm change from religious to non-religious is a very recent personal occurrence, and a very painful one. In the very short time that I have not been a Christian (maybe a month or two), the pain and extreme difficulty that I've experienced is unimaginably gratuitous.

Post Traumatic God Disorder is for the purpose of exploring the trauma caused by Chrisitianity, doctrinal critique, and commentary of Christianity in popular culture...okay, and it's for pointing out some crazy fucking Christian shit...and making fun of it, because it deserves to be shamed (this claim will be supported). Hopefully, the content produced will encourage dialogue--I'd like that.