Friday, March 29, 2013

Crane Durham, AFA Radio Host, Is All Hot and Bothered During Anti-GayRadio Broadcast

This is extremely strange. His views are obviously strange, but his mannerisms...I don't even know how to interpret them. I'll just describe it. There's some weird gesticulation, funny head bobs, his hair flies around, his voice cracks, his inflection is wildly peculiar, and, well...I guess just watch the video below.

Okay, I think I figured it out. Here's my hypothesis--He's fucking crazy. Also, he's partially drunk, just did eight lines of blow off of some dude's ass and titties, he forgot to read his morning devotional, and the cultural climate of pro-gay sentiment is heightening his already overwhelming repressed sexuality...for men.

Thanks to for keeping us abreast of crazy bitch ass Christians.


  1. but he has been conditioned throughout his lifetime to suppress his gayness...

  2. No hesitation the plight of homosexuals is on the top of the list of social problems professed in the EU because this week a meeting is taking place in Europe to address the fact that not everyone is getting onboard with the "gay agenda. Homophobia, transphobia and other forms of sexual orientation discrimination is said to still exist in the EU on a larger scale than the Union wants to see.

    1. and the question remains. when the vatican regains control of the new world order (eu will be no longer be found, but in history books), will they cease to repress degenerate, deviant sexual behavior - both homo and hetero? nope. just ask the pope. now ain't that dope?

  3. please refer to pope francis' view on homosexuality. it's god. and more specifically for literate people of the world...the bible. the vatican will NEVER budge on their anti-gay position. and if they do, well the pope isn't god. go crane! from one unrepressed hetereosexual male, you are quite adorable.