Saturday, March 16, 2013

Deliver Us from Evil

I watched a documentary that investigates an extensive sexual abuse legacy left by an Irish priest in California. Father O' Grady's rape and misuse of children, with occasional parental sex triangles, is explored with grueling intensity. Shockingly, the rapist in question, O' Grady, agrees to multiple interviews. The psychopathy displayed is more than disturbing. He is alien. So foreign to human capacities is the way he tells the strategies and stories of rapes, that one is lost inside of how his specie has not been obviously misclassified. Oh, and then there's footage of ecclesiastical depositions and you'll want to throw up. I definitely recommend this documentary. It will stir your empathy and encourage thought to the variety of traumas manufactured by the church. Watch "Deliver Us from Evil." (It's on Netflix)

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