Thursday, March 14, 2013

Displaying Some Impropriety

There is a well-bred internal god-centered consciousness that is clinging on for dear life. Up until recently, it provided the lens through which I saw reality. It was cultivated, loved, and encouraged. What changed? It's no longer welcome. What's the problem? It still remains, even after being asked to get the fuck out. The paradigm change from religious to non-religious is a very recent personal occurrence, and a very painful one. In the very short time that I have not been a Christian (maybe a month or two), the pain and extreme difficulty that I've experienced is unimaginably gratuitous.

Post Traumatic God Disorder is for the purpose of exploring the trauma caused by Chrisitianity, doctrinal critique, and commentary of Christianity in popular culture...okay, and it's for pointing out some crazy fucking Christian shit...and making fun of it, because it deserves to be shamed (this claim will be supported). Hopefully, the content produced will encourage dialogue--I'd like that.

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