Saturday, March 23, 2013

Gigantic Roman Torture Statues

While Driving to Memphis to visit my brother, I saw three well-illuminated giant white crosses next to the largest church in Tennessee. The blatant imposition of the crosses made me feel strange. They were entirely too large and the lighting caused them to glow. It wasn't the mere presence of the crosses that bothered me. I wasn't exactly sure why they bothered me so much, until I chose the caption for this image on Instagram: "GIGANTIC ROMAN TORTURE STATUES." Seriously, an instrument of torture is the symbol of the Christian church. The message is ridiculously clear. It only seems fitting to leave you with some lyrics from an old Contemporary Christian Music track: "The cross is a radical thing."

1 comment:

  1. agreed. the cross is just a symbol of a radically life changing invitation from god's son. in fact i think what relly bothered you was the fact thay YOU deserved to be hanging from that cross instead. but in lieu of God's judgment jesus humbly took your place.