Friday, March 15, 2013

"Atheism" Is a Misnomer

I'm unaware of flying dogs. To separate myself from people that believe in the existence of flying dogs, I don't describe myself as an anti-aerocanine. Rather, I review my experience with and knowledge of dogs and everything I've read about mammals, and I make a statement: "Flying dogs do not exist." If a friend were to say, "I believe in flying dogs" or "I believe that dogs have the physical capacity of flight," first, I would imagine that the friend is joking and if joking is eliminated as a motivation for the aerocaninite, I would make my exodus in the conversation.

Saying that a flying dog exists would require overwhelming evidence to support such a wild assertion. The aerocaninite would rightly bear the burden of proof if he/she were trying to prove the existence of flying dogs because there is factual evidence that denies his/her claim. The question "Why do you not believe in flying dogs?" to any rational person would be seen as completely absurd. The question "Why do you not believe in god/s?" is exponentially more absurd. Dogs can be studied. Dogs can't fly. Gods cannot be studied.

Also, the word Believe is a tricky word. Watch it closely.


  1. And yet, an incalculable amount of people have believed in a god for several thousands of years. "Exist" is a tricky word too. There is, without a doubt, no god that "exists" (i.e. god is impossible to prove).

    The most ancient form of religion is the totem. Tribes would often attribute spiritual powers to animals that they would encounter. A bear, for example, became a symbol of strength. Yet, the strength they worshiped was not the strength of the bear but it was the strength of the community that overcame it. The most ancient form of religion is self-worship.

    God exists just as much as the Self exists. In fact, there might not be a huge difference between the two. Or not. We could all be going to Hell.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Paul. Hope you're well.

      Help me understand what you mean: "God exists just as much as the Self exists."