Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Top 30 Atheist and Freethinking Resources for Those Recovering from Religion

In an attempt to create a list of "top atheist and freethinking websites for those recovering from religion," I found that there are not very many websites for individuals battling the mythology of religion. I was slightly taken aback by the lack of information and guidance on this subject. Originally, I came up with a "top 10" list, but I didn't feel that this was adequate. I will include the original ten websites,which I have found extremely helpful, and I will expand the criteria from "websites" to "resources," allowing me to create a more comprehensive list of resources that can be digested in a variety of ways. I've created the list with specific categories to help align your exploration with your goals, to make it efficient as possible. I'm just some random dude on the internet, but if you were to check out just one of these resources, I would recommend Stefan Molyneux's Freedomain Radio, specifically in the podcast format. It is my personal favorite and by far the most helpful resource I've found thus far. I want this list to reflect the kind of material that I wish I had been exposed to during the hardest transitional period while recovering from religion. I hope you greatly benefit from this material. Draw deeply from the fountainhead of freedom.

Recovering from Religion:

Stefan Molyneux's Freedomain Radio

Dr. Marlene Winell's Journey Free

Secular Worldview:

If I have left out any really great resources, please inform me in the comment section or with an email.

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